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May 31, 2013
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Djinn by Arisashi Djinn by Arisashi
I entered this illustration into a contest to win a signed copy of G. Willow Wilson's gorgeous debut novel, Alif the Unseen... and won! It was called the "Create-A-Genie Contest" and the rules were to pick a favorite out of five types of jinn, and interpret how it might look.
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Interesting the way you blend satyr anatomy with the jinn creature.

I like the overall tan tone to this. It gives it an "old storybook illustration" feel.

Great work! Congratulations on winning the contest!
Thank you! When I was reading up about Jinn I learned that there are many different sorts. The most common and well known type is called a Madrid, and those look like the smokey Aladdin's lamp Genie. (though that's not the type I was going for here.) Most all Djinn have the power to shape shift though, and much of the time they pick a sort of human/animal hybrid form.

There believe there is some parallel between Djinn and Satyr stories... but I can't recall the connection at the moment... hmm. Anyways, thanks for the kind words!
KronoDelanio Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Um... she's not gonna eat him is she? :omg:
Actually, it's more like a possession. There are many different types of Djinn, and one of them is called the Vetala. They kind of live in the grey area between good and bad... and are considered an early form of the vampire myth. Only they don't drink blood, they possess human corpses! That way the bodies wont decay, and they can traipse around in their new skin, tricking people into believing they are human. They are also psychic shape-shifters! Pretty crazy.

There is another type of djinn called Ghouls... The one I drew is not a Ghoul, but I bring them up because they ARE downright evil and are said to hang out in grave yards and eat human flesh. BOOGEDY BOOGEDY BOO! :bucktooth:
KronoDelanio Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aha! I knew there was a perfectly good explanation for why grave yards give me the creeps! :nod:
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